Liceul Teoretic Lucian Blaga

    Str. Posada Nr. 1, Oradea,


“Lucian Blaga” high-school  is situated in the west part of Oradea city, in Rogerius neighborhood, on Aleea Posada Street nr.1.It was founded on the 15th of September 1966 as a middle school with primary and gymnasium classes ,in Romanian and Hungarian languages and it was named the Middle School Nr.25 of Oradea. The school functioned under this name till 1975, when it became the Middle school Nr.15 and kept this name till the beginning of the school year 1992-1993, when it gained the name of “Lucian Blaga” high-school, name that honors it till today.

Lucina Blaga is the name of a great and very important Romanian poet, playwright and philosopher. Next to the building of the school there is the kindergarten, which is part of the school  now. There are 186  children from  3 years old to 6 . They are divided into  7  groups. There are  14 teachers working at the kindergarten, 2 teachers for each group, who work in shifts: one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The high-school building is painted in orange and there are two level s with classrooms for students from 6 to 18 years old. The primary school children have a teacher for all the school subjects except for English, Sport and Religion. Beginning with the fifth grade there are teachers for all the subjects, but they also have a class master ( head teacher) who takes special care of them: motivates their absents, meet with the parents ; this teacher teaches their class of students Counseling and Orientation= it is the name of a class per week when we learn our students to behave, how to study, how to spend their time efficiently and stuff like that. Our primary and gymnasium students live in the neighborhood but the high-school students come also from the countryside.

There are modern and well equipped laboratories like Biology, Physics, Foreign Languages, Informatics labs. Our schoolyard is also quite large so the pupils can play during the breaks. We have two sport halls: one smaller for the primary school pupils and one larger for the others.

Our school takes part in many national and international projects, for example we had a program EcoSchool, we took part in a Comenius project “All different- All Equal”.