Osnovna škola Sesvetska Sopnica
               Sopnička 69
               HR -10360 Sesvete

Our school has around 50o pupils in around 20 classes (21 per class) and 39 teachers. From the 1st to 4th grade there is class teaching, with the only one teacher and from 5th to 8th grade we have subject teaching. This school-year we have three classes of the 5th grade, three of the 6th, four of the 7th and three of the 8th. The school is located in imigrants settlement and there is Gipsy national minority.

The school-buiding is new, built 2007 and attractive from the architectonis point of view. We work double shifts: from 8:00 to 13:05 and 13:10 to 18:15. The school started to work in september 2007. Each classroom has its own PC with LCD projector.

Our pupils go to regular one-day trips at least once a year (half-day-trips to some museum or similar),

Religion makes some visits to charitable institutions, croatian language to theaters, 4th grade school in nature etc. There is also an educational trip of teachers on Teachers day in October.

Twice per year we have a performance – a 60-minutes musical with many participants. There are other performances too: Day of a bread, visits etc.

We have student club in technical education. Our Student Co-op is one of the best in Croatia.
The school has some projects: „The schools for Africa“, the sport program etc.

We have been hosting foreign students in Erasmus+ for the second year. We take part in Comenius project of multilateral partnership.

We got European languages label (award) 2015, the first place on the competition.