Vasil Kunchov Secondary School,

17 Khan Asparuh street

3000, Vratsa, Bulgaria


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 Vasil Kanchov -  Mine and yours, our school

"Vasil Kanchov" - Vratsa, is an educational institution approved authority, successful strategy and a clear vision for the future. The school was opened in 1937.

Today it has a history, established traditions and ambitions to be a business school of the North-West of Bulgaria. Its status-a Secondary school which provides a unique opportunity for children to be educated in one place from 1st to 12th grade – provides continuity between the elementary, junior high and high school education.

There currently teach more than 530 students in 22 classes. Training place  is in two school buildings, in a comfortable and attractive environment. School has three computer labs, permanent Internet connection, library, a spacious gymnasium, tennis and fitness room, modern furnished prep rooms, food and block school bus, cabinets, IT system.

Educational process is realized by promising curriculum development, implementation and use of modern approaches, methods and teaching resources, providing opportunities for inclusion in various forms of activities of interest, extracurricular activities. The high quality of training is measured by the successful implementation of students after learning stage, with  prizes in competitions and Olympiads.

There is a full day organizing learning process  in Primary and Secondary school. We keep tradition of young people from school  not only  to be educated, but also to be active citizens, responsible and ambitious, proactive and enterprising, to raise their attitude towards the state institutions and the principles of democratic citizenship, the ethical and legal norms.

The school employs a highly qualified team with extensive pedagogical experience and ambition for expression. Has established an exclusive atmosphere kindness and tolerance, professionalism For the 2012/2013 academic year, "Vasil Kunchov" Secondary school offers admission:

Primary Education

First class - provides e-depth training in general subjects, language and computer training classes in safe and attractive environment, special care and attention to the individual needs of each child;

Lower Secondary

Fifth grade - the school offers solid training in general subjects and additional  extracurricular activities - vocal group, authentic folklore, sports sections - table tennis, chess, volleyball, basketball, football, track athletics, school club for Civic Education.

Grammar School

Eighth grade (after finishing the seventh grade): Humanitarian profile

Main subjects Bulgarian language and literature, English language, History and Civilization - guaranteed comprehensive training in English

language - 18 lessons weekly;  IX th  grade- choice of second foreign language (German or French) competitive training in Bulgarian language and literature, mathematics and other  general subjects;

Ninth grade: "Technological - Entrepreneurship and Business "in the curricula of Junior Achievement - Bulgaria to rate 4 years training and shaping objects market economy and marketing advertising,  business and accounting of company information technology,  geography and economics, geography and world trade, banks and financial markets.