There you go! A newspaper done by our 3rd ESO students!

San Ramón y San Antonio Herald
A newspaper where some students deal with environmental issues in Madrid.
Issue Newspaper.pdf
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Next Friday, February 3, we'll have a chat with Croatian students about our monuments!

We'll play Kahoot with them. There you go the name of the game in kahoot; From Madrid to heaven by srsasrsa if you feel like playing as well!

Now it's turn to do our presentation of the monuments with slides.

There you go! What we have done so far! This leafleft brings all our one-year work. So much work for not many hands. 

The Mysteries of European Capitals.
What have we done so far? From october 2015 to November 2016 we have worked hard. There you go a sample of it!
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 This is our leaflet in the English version. Hope everybody can recognize themselves in their capitals!

The mysteries of the European cities.
Tríptico - Misterios - Inglés.pdf
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Here we go! This is our proposal for the project logo.

Madrid offers the tourist countless places to visit and get lost. It combines its old history with pre-roman people, Roman, christians,jews and muslims, with modern times. A place where you can enjoy its typical cuisine, a walk through medieval streets, buskers performing amazing shows or an exciting football match.

Along this project we'll have a look not only what a tourist is supposed to see, but we will learn from the point of view of a "madrileño", someone who lives in Madrid.

Los misterios de las capitales europeas