Misterele capitalelor europene

Traveling Art Exhibition of paintings "Mysteries of Capital"

 Students from our school, led by their arts teacher, Gabriela Sim made drawings and paintings that have gone to Madrid to be exhibited in the partner schools. Some drawings are here.

Lesson about UNESCO monuments

Students of 12th grade from our school with their English teacher, Ms. Dorina Mirodot, spoke about the UNESCO protected monuments in Romania and other European countries. They have tried to find ways to protect monuments by the young people.

Our leaflet of the 1st year project activities

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Skype call between Romanian and Bulgarian students

Today (December 19th) the students from the 7th and 8th grade from Oradea, Romania and Vraca, Bulgaria had a videoconference about their UNESCO protected monuments. All the students answered correctly to the questions, so they did learn about both countries’ monuments. They wished each other “Merry Christmas” and hope that Santa Claus will bring them lots of presents because they deserve it, as they studied the UNESCO monuments.

UNESCO Heritage Monuments

 Students of class 4 B from our school, divided into 5 groups, had prepared projects for the  Civics, about  UNESCO Heritage Monuments  located in Romania. At the end, each group presented its work to peers and then, the most successful works were displayed in an exhibition in the school hall. 

Project dissemination

Fourth transnational meeting in Zagreb, Croatia, October 21th to 22th

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Dissemination in a local newspaper - Oradea, Romania

Jurnal bihorean, October 26th 2016

UNESCO protected monuments in Romania

The Historic Centre of Sighișoara

UNESCO protected monuments in Romania.p
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Watching The Legend of Bucur


Today the students and the teachers from "Lucian Blaga" High School Oradea watched the film about "The legend of Bucur". After that they talked about the other legends presented during the project. (June 16, 2016)

The Legends of Bucur

This  is our movie about the legend of Bucharest.

 Illustrating the legends


Today, in front of the exhibition with the students' works about the legends of the capital city, our school principal rewarded the best paintings and drawings that will be included in the e-book with the legends.

Project dissemination

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Jurnal bihorean.ro

The second transnational meeting disseminated in Romanian local, writen media, "Jurnal bihorean" March 10th 2016

  How to use Prezi in the lessons.

 Teachers from Liceul Teoretic "Lucian Blaga" Oradea have learned together how to use Prezi in their lessons.

Mărţişor - our celebration of spring

Students and teachers making "mărțișoare"

Project dissemination in the local media

2015 December 23th

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Our school presentation


Students and teachers from “ Lucian Blaga” High School Oradea, Romania arranged corners of the project on school corridors and classrooms.

Glossary with usefull phrases in Romanian

Students of "Lucian Blaga" High School from Oradea, Romania, working to create a glossary of useful phrases . There are a few pages from our glossary.

The Romanian proposal for the project logo

For the pupils, to coloring

The Leaflet of Romania