The newspaper about ecological problems in Riga

ECO problems Riga.pdf
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The latest (since 2000) archaeological discoveries in Riga

Riga's monuments made of recycled materials

Riga Cathedral, Latvian National library, the Cabinet of folk songs and the Freedom monument were made of recycled materials - cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, toothpicks, packaging materials, match-boxes and old test worksheets. Thanks to 1a, 1b, 6c, 7.b and 7c!

Students' art exhibition in Salaspils

Students paintings from Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Spain are in Salaspils. You can see illustrated legends and paintings of UNESCO monuments.

Presentation about Cultural Monuments

The leaflet of the 1st year project activities

The Leaflet of the 1st year activities
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Our interactive map of UNESCO monuments

UNESCO monuments in Riga

Our team at UNESCO monuments

The Legends of Riga

Latvian tradition - Midsummer celebration

Legends about Riga

The 3rd c form pupils of Salaspils Secondary School created their own legends about Riga and illustrated them. They put their creative work into the book.

School trip to the museum

Our Latvian  Erasmus  Project team  went  to ,, The Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation” to get information about Riga’s legends and create the new ones.   

The guide contest

Our students like guides told the stories and legends about our capital city Riga.

The film about our school

The Leaflet of Latvia

The leaflet in Latvian
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Latvian - English Glossary

Our Erasmus Project Corner

The logos created by Latvian team

Eiropas galvaspilsētu noslēpumi