Meeting in Romania

 The last project meeting was held in Romania, Oradea from 4-5th May 2017. Presentations  about the Archological discoveries and secrets of the capitals were shown. 

All the partners made their famous monuments from paper, papiermache, other materials and they were shown in Oradea, Romania. We were able to get to know more about the monuments, arranged an exhibition at school.

 Our kind hosts from the Romanian school invited us to attend to very interesting German and ITC lessons. 

Our main coordinators from Vilnius, lithuania presented us the final product - Methodology Book „Discover the Mysteries of European Capitals“, where we had a chance to share good practices in order to help young and unexperienced teachers. 

Our articles about Ecological problems will be published in the Burevestnik school newspaper and the local newspapers.


Concert for saving Madara Rider

Not always the state react in time to preserve cultural heritage for the future generations, but many private media and Billa shops organized a charity concert for saving Madara Rider under the auspices of UNESCO.


Travelling exhibition

Meeting in Madrid

Penultimate project meeting was held at San Ramon and San Antonio school in Madrid, February 23rd-24th, where the participants were able to see nteresting lessons and activities. Friendly atmosphere, nice and helpful staff, teachers dedicated to their students, modern teaching and the great  Museum of Prado impressed us and made our stay in Madrid unforgetable!

Art Exhibition of paintings "Mysteries of Capital"

Protecting UNESCO monuments in Bulgaria

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Sofia architectural and secrets of the capital

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Lesson about UNESCO

A video call

Today, 19.12.2016 the students from 6b grade, aged 12 at Vasil Kanchov School had a video call from the Romanian Lucian Blaga school.  All the students knew the most interesting facts about Unesco protected monuments in both countries! The students gave the right answers to all the questions, they also wished each other a Very Merry Christmas and sang a song!

It was a nice time spent together!

First year activities

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Interactive map

Meeting in Zagreb

 The 4th transnational meeting took place in Zagreb, Croatia from 21st-22nd October. 

Presentations and movies of Unesco Protected Monuments were shown  by each partner. 

We played a game about the famous legend The Black queen using Kahoot platform. 

 An exhibition about Bulgaria was opened in Croatian school of Sesvetska Sopnitsa. 

There were some Bulgarian interns working at the school whose help and support was very important for all of us. 

Another exhibition of the already visited schools was arranged in the school hall, using the students photos and projects about Unesco Monuments. 

Mrs Iskra Isaeva form Bulgaria  had a lesson in 7th grade  about the famous places in Sofia and Vratsa, connected with the legends, in Croatian. 

At the teachers meeting the partner countries discussed the future activities connected with the project and  the next visits. 

 We also had a wonderful trip round Zagreb to see its famous  places.

UNESCO protected monuments

UNESCO protected monuments in Bulgaria
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Map UNESCO monuments in Bulgaria created by 6 b grade




During the fourth transnational visit to Zagreb Mrs Iskra Isaeva from Vasil Kanchov Scondary School in Vratsa, Bulgaria, had a Geography lesson in Sesvetska Sopnitsa School, Croatia in Croatian with 7th grade.

Students had the opportunity to learn more about our capital cities and our native towns in their own language. They all showed an interest, discussed the most interesting places and did a crossword during the lesson. An exhibition about Bulgaria was opened in 7th grade classroom, where students were able to know more about Bulgarian History and traditions with the kind help of Mr Marian Birush and his team from the Croatian school.

Meeting in Riga

The legend of Sofia

You and me together

 5 C grade, Vidusshkola, Latvia, 06/05/2016 

On May 6th 2016, we had a lesson in 5th C grade.

 The lesson includes a Prezi presentation about favourite places in Riga, Latvia and Sofia, Bulgaria. The students from 5 C grade had to recognize some popular places in Riga and Sofia and to compare similarities and differences between the two capitals. 

The students read a text about the sightseeings in Sofia and answered the questions about them. 

They were shown some other famous places and traditions in the two countries. Rose valley in Bulgaria and Nestinari tradition /Fire dancers/ in Bulgaria were very attractive for them and they were involved in a discussion. Almost all of them worked active and were interested of the theme of the lesson. 

Artis from Vidusskola was a co teacher and helped the Ms T. Tsvetkova and Ms Ignatova form Vasil Kanchov Secondary School in Bulgaria as a real colleague! 

At the end the students were offered to exchange e-mails, face books and twitter addresses with the Bulgarian students at the same age. It was a start of new friendships. 

A video call-Bulgarian and Spanish students


Spanish and Bulgarian schools had a chat, 27th April, 2016. They talked about their routines, traditions, sports and subjects at school they liked most.


Prezi Platform training at Vasil Kunchov Secondary School

Today, March 29, 2016, Mrs. Tsvetana Tsvetkova presented to teachers from Vasil Kanchov Secondary School, platform "Prezi" in connection with the project Erasmus +. 

One of the tasks of the project is to explore and use this platform to improve the quality of education, stimulating the creativity of both the students and the teaching staff.

It is designed to facilitate learning in all subjects accessible, interesting, and offers a huge choice selection of teaching materials. Teachers diversify and illustrate their lessons, by creating their own, or use ready-made presentations.

In an interesting way to engage children in drawing up their presentations in connection with their homework assignments. Since it is attractive, can serve to stimulate the curiosity of students, and for more active involvement of passive students.

Meeting in Vratsa


Legends of Bulgaria

Glossary of main phrases

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Ancient Sofia

The Leaflet of the Project

Мистериите на европейските столици