Discover the Mysteries of European Capitals - methodical book


Discover the Mysteries of European Capit
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The sixth transnational project meeting

Oradea, Romania, 4th - 5th of May 2017

The fifth transnational project meeting

Zagreb-Madrid Skype call on 3rd February 2017

Group of students and pedagogue Igor Salopek had a Skype call with our partners school from Madrid.  We presented the monuments from Zagreb, the ones that we are going to talk about this year of the Project; The Zagreb Cathedral, Manduševac well, The Lotršćak Tower, The Stone Gate, St.Marks Church and Medvedgrad.  Students from Madrid had to answer a few questions about the monuments and were very successfull.

Calendar for year 2017 (made in Zagreb in October in 4th transnational meeting)

Interactive map of UNESCO monuments and other notable objects

Skype call between Latvians and Lithuanians

This week 8th graders from Engineering lyceum of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University had an oppportunity to communicate with 6-7 th graders from Salaspils 1. vidusskola during their English lesson. Students discussed about the filmed legends and answered prepared questions. It was an interesting lesson and students are happy to cooperate! 

Photos from the meeting in Zagreb (click on the photo)

Fourth transnational project meeting



ZAGREB, CROATIA 20th -21st October 2016


Thursday 20th October 2016


Opening ceremony

Principal Ljiljana Benčec Miklečić, School folklor group


Project meeting


-Presentation of the schedule

-Presentation of Sesvetska Sopnica Elementay School and Croatian education system


Coffee break



Visit lesson  (1 lession)

10 min. presentation about each Partner schools and country


Tour around the school


Preparation of the Calendar


Preparation of the exibition


Presentations about UNESCO monuments







presentations with pictures ( 10max)



Lunch brake

School's library


Watching the movies about the UNESCO monuments in Partner Countries



Making the Calendar

-divided in 2 groups- 1. will make their part of the Calendar, and 2.will make ''licitar hearts''-groups will change activities after 1 hour


Workshop ''Makeing licitar hearts''


Dinner and fun time in Polovanec


Friday 21st October 2016


Round table

Arangement of activities, Certificate of Attendance, impressions


Coffee brake



Watcing the film ''The Black Queen'' and the quiz



Lunch time

School's library

13.00 - 16.00

Exploring mysteries of Zagreb

Marijan Biruš will guide us around Zagreb center.


4th transnacional meeting in Zagreb, Croatia
4thtransnational project meeting minutes
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Legend book "The Mysteries of European Capitals"

All capitals have some mysteries, let's have a look what mysteries Bucarest, Madrid, Riga, Sofia, Vilnius and Zagreb hide.


Photos from the meeting in Latvia (click on the photo)

Third transnational project meeting

Lithuanian students visit in Latvia (click on the photo)

On March 16th-18th Lithuanian students were visiting Salaspils. The first day they had a warm-up and basketball tournament with Latvian students in Salaspils sports hall, but later - various workshops at school: they sang karaoke, played  „Fliiper“, constructed folk signs with lego and many other activities.

The second day Lithuanians together with Latvians started photo-orienteering game in Old Riga, the teams were mixed, so students had to communicate only in English. Students were very excited to find all the objects in Old Riga. In the evening there was a concert with Lithuanian and Latvian dancers and singers and of course, at the end of the day we had a party with new friends.

The last day Latvians with Lithuanians visited the Salaspils botanic garden, had a freezing walk to the river Daugava. Students hope to see each other soon in Lithuania!

Photos from the meeting in Bulgaria (click on the photo)

Skype call from Vilnius engineering lyceum to Salaspils 1. vidusskola

Just a few days after the international project meeting this morning Lithuanian students of 6b grade met with the Latvian students in a virtual conferenceStudents played a game "Little lie", they introduced themselves and said one true thing and one thing that is not true. Then students had to guess which thing could be true and which is false. Students were very happy to have this conversation and cannot wait to see each other after 2 weeks in Latvia. 

Second transnational meeting in Bulgaria

The 2nd Transnational Project meeting began in Vratsa on the 25th of February , 2016. Project partners were met by traditional bread of Bulgaria and with national flower. The Principal of Vasil Kunchov secondary school Mr Dimitar Markov welcomed all. The meeting began with countries presenting their traditions or special days. Bulgarian education system was presented us by Daniela Ignatova. Later we had opportunity to visit different lessons and together with students we had a worksop making martenitsa. Later that day we met with the Mayor of Municipality of Vratsa - Kalin Kamenov.


Lots of questions were discussed during the meeting and it ended by visiting the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. It was two wonderful days full of impressions!

2nd transnational project meeting


The Mysteries of European Capitals





25 (from) – 26(to) February 2016


Vasil Kunchov Secondary Schoolq 17 Khan Asparuh Str., Vratsa, Bulgaria


Work programme


25th February


to 9:00

Welcome to school by the students


to 9:15

School hall-Welcome to school by the Principal


to 9:45

A trip round the school-the two buildings


to 10:30

School hall, presentations, three countries


to 10:45

Coffee  break


to 11:30

School hall, presentations, three countries


to 12:30

Teachers meeting


to 13:15



to 14:15

Workshop, the Legend of Martenitsa


to 15:00

Attending lessons


to 16:00

Town Hall /optional/


to 16:50

Museum of History with the Silver Treasure of Rogozen


to 19:00

Free time, shopping or going up in the mountain - bicycle lane /photo session in a beautiful place, not far from the town and not difficult to climb/


to 23:00


26th February


to 10:00

Departure to Sofia from Hemus hotel


to 12:00

Boyana church with the famous frescos from 1259, near Sofia, protected by UNESCO


to 13:30

Lunch in Sofia


to 14:50

The center of Sofia with the Triangle of tolerance


to 15:30

Presidency with Saint George Rotunda- 4th century AD


to 16:20

Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral



Free time






Communication with each other

Just a few days after the international project meeting this morning Lithuanian students of 3a grade met with the Romanian and Croatian students in a virtual conference ! Students greeted each other in three languages, presented their classes and even sang!

Photos from the meeting in Lithuania (click on the photo)

First transnational meeting in Vilnius

The 1st Transnational Project meeting began in Vilnius on the 10th of December, 2015. Vilnius engineering lyceum folk dance and ethnographic ensemble met us with traditional Lithuanian dances, songs and games. The Principal of Vilnius engineering lyceum Mrs Regina Mikalauskiene welcomed all and wished productive work. The meeting began with schools' and cities presentations and movies. Later we had opportunity to visit different lessons. Lots of questions were discussed during the meeting and it ended by creating common Calendar. 

On the second day we visited Vilnius City Municipality where we met with the Director of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, who presented us the education system in Vilnius and Lithuania, answered our questions. We also had an opportunity to hear about the Vilnius City Municipality, it's functions and to see Vilnius city from the 20th floor. Later we came back to school and visited different lessons, even pretended to be students. The meeting ended in Vilnius city centre. It was two wonderful days full of impressions!

The first transnational meeting of Project partners will take place in Vilnius on the 10-11 th of December, 2015.



10th – 11th December, 2015

Wednesday 9th December ARRIVAL OF PARTICIPANTS


Thursday 10th December

8:30 – 9:00

Reception of partners in the hosting institution



9:00 – 9:45

Brief presentation of the partner institutions involved in the Project  (3 countries)


Movies and presentations about each school and capital

09:45 – 10:00

Coffee break


10:00 – 11:00

Brief presentation of the partner institutions involved in the Project (3 countries)

Movies and presentations about each school and capital

11:00 - 12:50

Visiting lessons




13:30 -15:00

General presentation of the project by the coordinator:

- Basic rules for a successful partnership: Collaborative work, report,

 - Launching the project: teams, equipment, local dissemination

- Erasmus corner in the partner institutions

Budget: organization, management and control


15:00 - 15:30

Coffee break

15:30 - 17:00

Implementation of the Project:

-Activities plan



Creation of Calendar 2016






Friday 11th December

8:00 – 9:30

Discussion about the next Transnational Project Meeting : dates, organisation, report

- Communication: means and frequency: mail, Skype, Facebook


10:00 – 12:00

Visit to Vilnius City Municipality


12:30 – 13:00


13:00 -14:00

Certificate of Attendance, impressions


14:00 – 16:00

Excursion in Vilnius



Evening in the City